Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Preschool embraces the celebration and understanding of different identities, backgrounds, and experiences. We lean into difficult conversations with courage and respect, and we continuously strive to improve our cultural competency, policies, and strategic goals. The Preschool maintains a deep commitment to building a school community that is truly global in perspective, diverse in composition, and reflective of our world.

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  • Diversity

    Families from all corners of Atlanta bring a broad range of viewpoints, cultures, and backgrounds to The Preschool. With over 300 students spanning approximately 20 zip-codes, our population reflects family, faith, economic, and ethnic diversity, along with an array of student learning styles and needs. This diverse student body undoubtedly enhances our learning environments, as it gives children the opportunity to learn from one another and not only recognize but also appreciate their beautiful differences. Our desire is to be one community where all members feel valued, included, and respected.  
  • Equity

    The Preschool is committed to ensuring that all students receive the support they need to be successful. Our teachers understand and recognize that children bring their own unique learning styles and challenges to the classroom; educational experiences are therefore designed to accommodate individual needs and assist students in overcoming barriers. With appropriate tools, scaffolding, and interventions, The Preschool has put systems in place that give all students the opportunities to achieve success.   
  • Inclusion

    Inclusive preschool classrooms benefit all students by offering the most malleable minds an early opportunity to develop empathy and respect for others. Students with both identified and unidentified learning needs receive support at The Preschool in the least restrictive environment. Collaborative conversations between parents, teachers, and administration guide necessary interventions and accommodations, and teachers push differentiated instruction into their classrooms, sometimes with the assistance of a specialist. Cultivating inclusive learning environments that emphasize the sense of belonging and acceptance also reflects one of our school’s primary goals core values: teaching children to love one another.  
Located on PRUMC’s beautiful Buckhead campus, The Preschool is an independent, faith based school, for children 12 months through 6 years-old. We are committed to nurturing the whole child in preparation for the most distinguished public and private primary schools in Atlanta.