Core Values

List of 5 items.

  • Play

    to play with purpose
    You can feel it. The energy that teachers and children bring to the impetus of discovery. Anything can happen here. This is one of the first gifts children are given in preschool. Children live out their learning through engagement and opportunities for intentional play.
  • Grow

    to grow in character and impact
    We nurture a community of children who learn to question, build, encourage and grow in their friendships, knowledge, and understanding. Here, children receive support as they develop a healthy awareness of self-respect and self-esteem. Children experience guidance as they meet their world with an age-appropriate recognition of both challenge and inspiration. As we embody the work of impact, we welcome, allow and release children to realize their full potential as young learners.
  • Love

    to love learning
    Preserving the innocence and wonder of childhood is not only good and beautiful, but it’s also respected. And as a community that loves one another and loves learning is not something that just happens, it’s created. Love happens here because children are celebrated. They are encouraged to develop the character, strength, and motivation to acquire new skills or knowledge and to build upon what they already know. 

    In this environment of inclusion and acceptance, each child’s voice is valued. Love happens in this place because we desire so much more than just to be around one another, we are deeply invested in children and the embodiment of a a life of love and true community. We are devoted to how each child’s excitement and curiosity is cultivated and extended.
  • Think

    to think critically and well
    To know is more than just simply skill; it’s learning to think with truth, mindfulness, creativity, and confidence. Learning to think challenges young children to investigate, predict, hypothesize and interpret. Because thinking is not straightforward like sleeping, walking or talking, it is a skill that needs to be supported. Here, children are invited to think, feel and believe.
  • Engage

    to engage the whole child and establish foundations
    We know that the years of early learning are critical to all of human growth and development. Personality and skills are encouraged during a series of stages which have an astonishing impact across the lifespan. During these years children create a sense of trust, autonomy, initiative, and industry. Young children who are supported and nurtured as a whole child will be given a solid footing for higher, lifelong academics and social wisdom.

    At The Preschool, we are engaged in what children know and understand. we are involved in the relationships they build. But like you, we are deeply engaged and committed to not just what children know but, who they are becoming.
Located on PRUMC’s beautiful Buckhead campus, The Preschool is an independent, faith based school, for children 12 months through 6 years-old. We are committed to nurturing the whole child in preparation for the most distinguished public and private primary schools in Atlanta.