Visual Arts

Children enjoy art within the classroom at every age. Creating art develops creative expression as well as the fine motor skills needed to manipulate the tools used. Beginning at age three, students spend time with a dedicated art teacher to explore new art techniques, tools, and media.
In the Threes classrooms, Visual Thinking Skills, which were developed for Project Zero by Harvard University, are used to explore styles ranging from classical and modern to contemporary and folk art. 

These VTS (Visual Thinking Skills) routines develop the ability to “look closer” and aid in vocabulary building along with understanding of the world around them. Additionally a collaborative, movement based or classroom art activity extends the child’s understanding of the artistic process used by the artist.

The Pre-K and Five-Six classes learn to see art as a way that artists communicate to the world. They study artists to understand their way of expressing through color, line, shape, texture, and form. 

The children will also develop drawing skills by breaking down 3 dimensional objects into smaller parts and line shapes to create a 2 dimensional drawing. The ability to draw what is seen aids in the STEM classroom as students learn to document their ideas onto paper.


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