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    Office Manager and Coordinator of Development
The Preschool at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is committed to nurturing the whole child in preparation for the most distinguished public and independent schools in Atlanta. The depth and breadth of our programming means that tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a student at The Preschool. As such, strong annual giving enables The Preschool to provide an abundant curriculum and dynamic learning environment.

(As of June 10, 2024)
All In (10,000+)
Linda and Jim Owens
Director’s Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)
Maggie and Myles Cunningham†
Jana and Adam Fleming
Kimmie and Ralson Goetz†
Christina and Daniel Lee
Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Kendall and Preston Moister†
Parrish and Catherine Owens
Kendall and Joe Ratterree
Kay and Max Watson
Taylor and Cody Wilson
Honor Roll ($2,500 - $4,999)
Taylor and David Bryant
Whitney and Jonathan Kaspers
Scott and Alicia MacArthur - In honor of The Jett Family
Stacey and Matt Martin
Elizabeth and Brad Mitchler
Meredith Koeppel and Todor Penev
Renee and Geoff Pope
Michelle and Joseph Rearden
Preschool Partners ($1,000 - $2,499)
Emily and Sam Bacon
Sully and Gordon Beckham
Sarah and Spencer Boice
Ann and Larry Burns
Taylor and Michael Butkus†
Victoria and Chris Conrad
Ryan and Joe Davis - In honor of Elizabeth “Bitsy” Davis
Blaie and Brad Duckett - In honor of Eleanor Duckett
Janet and Alan Duval
Palmer and Karon Ferguson
Kelsey and Andrew Garcia
Carol and Paul Garcia
Emily and Kevin Graney†
Carolyn Godfrey
Tiffany and Patrick Hillegass†
Emily and Craig Hyde
Ava and David Jett*
Julia and Brad Klingenbeck
Alex and Austin Kriz
Elizabeth and Josh Lee
Leith Little
Elizabeth and Justin Loescher
Anna Wooten and Randall Loggins†
Katelyn and Taylor Longacre
Jessie and Josh Magaro
Sarah and Sonny Molloy - In memory of Mary Jane Attaway
Samuel Peretsman - In honor of Mary Ligon and Millie Magaro
Mallory and Jim Savage†
Carie Ann and Bryan Sirmon†
Kelsey and Robbie Swan
Rachael and Barry Thomas
Georgia and Joshua Van
Sharon and Richard Weil*
Meg and Zachary Wilson
Corey McGrath and John Wlodarek
Margaret and Randall Wright
Lane and Charlie Yates
Allyson Young
Friends of The Preschool ($500 - $999)
Leigh and Sam Adams†
Jeremy and Britt Adams
Joanne Ainsworth
Mollie and Bryan Apgar
Margaret and Devin Battiston
Laura Leigh and Jim Caswell
Kathryn and Bill Crabtree
Kate and Andrew Davis
Kalie and Anthony DeCrow
Katherine and Jason Deere†
Caroline and Chas Duvall
Nicole and Whit Ferguson†
Sarah and Brooks Ficke
Shauna and Keith Gammage
Whitney and Chris Gorman
Rebecca and Joe Greiner*
Taylor and Thomas Gwynn
Ashley and Jamie Hamilton
Helen and Charlie Hanavich
Katie and Paul Holmes
Kate and David Izlar
Jennifer Ritorto and Michael Kennair
Mary Catherine and Thomas Kirkpatrick
Laura and Tom Kirkpatrick – In honor of Caroline Kirkpatrick
Liliana and Bartlett Layton
Eileen and Jake Levow
Laney and Rabun Lewis
Mary Leith and James Lewis
Nina and Taylor Long
Leonila and Greg Maloney
Stephanie McDonald
Katie and Michael Mendolera†
Cathy and Robert Miller – In honor of Morgan Gayle
Louise and Gus Morgan
Emily and Patrick Norris
Joy and Wayne Norris
Emily and Mac O'Brien
Betsy and Kerry Orrick
Kenson and Tyler Owens
Nona and Kelcie Pappas
Mary Ann and Bailey Quintrell
Caroline and John Richmond
Patti and Joel Sirmon
Studie and Zach Young – In honor of Greer Young
Donors ($1 - $499)
Amy Kuhmichel, LLC
Michelle and Stephen Adams
Stacey Aiello*
Deirdra Alexander*
Kara Allen*
Kimia and Neil Amin – In honor of Luca Amin
Cindy Apgar*
Eva and Austin Appleton
Kathy Appleton
Mallory and Dustin Atkinson
Sinclaire and Dan Aucoin*
Deirdra Alexander
Archana Bagati*
Fraser and Robert Bairstow – In honor of Laura Sykes
Abby and Mark Ballinger
Mary Langsfeld and Ron Ballschmiede
Kinzer and Daniel Barrett
Jen Barich*
Keller and Louis Battey
Laura and Ben Beacham
Jennifer Bell*
Heather Binder*
Katherine and Cameron Bishop
Mary and Mark Block - In honor of Mary Stuart and Wesley Low
Kelly and Rick Bowles
Clara and JD Bowser
Abby and Ben Bridell
Patricia and Michael Brischetto
Gina and William Britt – In honor of The Preschool
Amy and Brandon Brown
Emily and Stiles Brown
Jaclyn and Chris Brown
Laurie and Taylor Brown
Taylor and David Bryant
Courtney and Michael Buchanan
Tara and Matthew Buckhalter
Inna and Tyler Burnett
Morgan and Griffin Buser
Elizabeth and Phillip Byrd
Megan and William Byrne
Alex and Blake Campo
Courtney and Nick Casso
Catholic Foundation of North Georgia
Patricia Chandler - In honor of Molly and Watson Mitchler
Mary Kathryn and Joe Cheaney
Krista and Ricky Clark
Magan and Austin Colpini*
Amanda and John Connolly
Adrienne Cowgill*
Alli and Jeff Cox
Kansas and William Crane
Parker Cunningham*
Tiffany and Rick Custard
Amanda and Nick Cvetic
Brooke and Thomas D’Alessandro
Cara and Kwasi Danso
Leigh Darby*
Amy Davis
Katherine and Max Dean
Carter DeHaven*
Tracey Dondzila*
Caroline and Kevan Dorsey
Katherine and Jonas Dunn
Liza Bachier and Colin Eames
Debby Eidson*
Kristina and Gregory Ellis
Heather and Nathan Etheridge
Sally and Bill Faulkner
Kat and Jack Fay
Samantha and Scott Fendler
Natalie Ferrero
Abbey and Fred Finney
Aimee FitzGibbons*
Susanna Frayser*
Ashlee and Reid Freeman - In honor of Finn Freeman
Beth and Neal Freeman
Bridget and Jim Gardner
Lauren and Taylor Gayle
Lauren Emily and Scott Genthner*
Amy Gies*
Pat George*
Elizabeth Glass*
Britt and Price Glomski
Paige and William Goodloe - In honor of Missy and Ed Hamlin
Ariail and Russell Gorman
Charlotte and Taylor Gould
Jamie and Stevenson Gravlee
Leah and Andy Green
Liz and Scott Green
Laura and Cameron Griffin
Michelle and John Haley*
Caroline and Stacy Hall
Missy and Ed Hamlin – In honor of Ridge and Graham Goodloe
Meredith and Jon Hannah
Rebecca and Andy Harris
Maria Kliachko and Mark Harris
Marsha and Benny Harris
Addie and Andy Head
Amelia and Tyler Hearin
Devin and Austin Herod
Katie and Ben Hill
Anne and John Hobart
Anna and Ryan Hodgdon
Stephanie and John Houghton*
Rachel and Charlie Howell*
Bethany Inman
Bevin Irby*
Katy Jablon*
Christina and Michael Johnson*
Karen Johnson*
Karma and Christian Khalil
Megan and Drew King
Bailey and Mike Kirwan – In honor of Isla and Cooper Kirwan
Lindsay Kline*
Meghan Klopf*
Alexandra and Kenneth Knox
Jennifer and Phillip Kosmitis
Dawn Sheppard and Matt Ku
Kathleen Lang*
Julie and Mark Lawrence
Margaret and Woody Lay
Atcharaphorn and Peter Lee - In honor of The Preschool and Serena Lee
Chris Lee
Kristina Lindbergh – In honor of Tucker Hodgdon
Kathleen and Charlie Low
Julie and Bryan Luker
Libby and Adam Marchick
Emily and Chris Markel
Kristen and Frank McCleary*
Cheryl McCleskey*
Marnie and John McFarland – In honor of Lauran Nichols and Magan Colpini
Patricia and Allen Meadors - In honor of Russell Gould
Kim and Fred Meggitt
Leslie and John Michael
Ashley Kate and William Middour
Ashley and Parker Miller
Griffin and William Miller
Nicole and Lanier Milner
Paige and Blake Molina
Cynthia Moore*
Jeanne and Matt Moore*
Macy and Thomas Moran
Ashley and Kirk Moss
Ellie Mowry*
Morgan and Ryan Mullin
Caitlin Murphy
Lindsay Murphy*
Mellie and Paul Napolitano
Meredith and Becht Neel
Lauran and Paul Nichols*
Molly and Ryan Noonan
Amanda and Drew Norman*
Katie and Alex Oliver
Lollie and Pierce Owings
Sylvia Ortiz Martinez*
Elizabeth and Wesley Padgett
Catherine and Benjamin Palmer
Brooke and James Patteson
Laura and Lee Patton
Claire and Michael Paul
Laura and Darren Penn
Andrea Petsche*†
Katie and Hays Pickens
Kiley and William Pipkin
Caitlyn Murphy and Chris Pivik
Andrea and James Poole
Ruthie and Curry Pound
Kyle and Alex Rapp
Bennett and Clark Reed*
Meg and Ben Reeves
Elizabeth and Dan Reinhardt
Kathy Riechmann*
Alina and Chandler Rierson
Debbie Gavalas and Robert Ritchie - In honor of Olivia and Poppy Martin
Locksley and Philip Roane
Mary and Drew Roberts
Katie Rockey*
Lorin and Palmour Rollins
Ashley and John Ross
Ellen and William Ross
Kelli and Keith Sebade
Ebbie Salehzadeh
Gwen and Laddie Sanford
Kaylee and Raphael Sartorato
Caroline and Mark Schandel
Jessica and Louie Schroeder
Susan Scott*
Katie Seal
Nancy Sherman*
Caroline and Steve Shirley
Morgan Shrader*
Brenda Smith
Danielle and Robbie Smith
Jennica and Jake Smith
Lindsey and Brandon Smith
Maribeth and Craig Smith
Sydne and Malcolm Smith†
Claire and Drew Spears
Lynn and Ryan Staner – In honor of The Preschool Teachers and Staff
Katie Stewart*
Alice and Kevin Strachan
Deborah Strack*
Lissy Goetz and Vince Stretch - In honor of Blakely Stretch
Laura and Sam Sykes*
Mallory Tate*
Katie and Ryan Taylor
Bridget and KT Taratus
Ellen Taratus
Amanda and Alex Thiriez
Macy and Moran Thomas
Elizabeth and Garrett Thompson
Shannon and James Underwood*
Jim and Kay Underwood
Amanda and Jeff Upshaw* – In memory of John L. Lipscomb II (Papa)
Helen and Emery Waddell
Anna and Allen Weaver
Corky White*
Mackenzie and Kevin Whitney
Sharee Williams*
Beth and James Williamson
Anne Collier and Skip Wood
Whitney Wood
Hilary and Zachry Young
* The Preschool Faculty/Staff
†The Preschool Board of Directors

The Preschool at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church depends on charitable, tax-deductible gifts and fundraising efforts from current and alumni parents, grandparents, church members, and friends to help offset the difference between tuition and the actual cost of our high-quality preschool education. Every family is asked to contribute to The Preschool’s All In For Our Kids Annual Fund each school year. Gifts of any amount are appreciated, and every gift is important. We encourage you to make a gift that is meaningful to your family. 
Unrestricted contributions to our annual giving efforts support The Preschool and allow us maximum flexibility to allocate the funds where they are most needed.
The gifts you give annually enable The Preschool to provide educational programs, resources, and the highest quality learning environment for students and families as well as ongoing professional development for our faculty. Your gifts also ensure The Preschool is able to invest in capital improvements, educational enhancements, and advancements that attract and inspire outstanding teachers. Finally, your gifts support an integral part of our mission by providing financial assistance to students and families in need. We are grateful for your past and future support of The Preschool.

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  • All In

    $10,000 Plus
  • Director's Circle

  • Honor Roll

    $2,500 - $4,999
  • Preschool Partners

    $1,000 - $2,400
  • Friends of The Preschool

    $500 - $999

The Preschool, an outreach of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, Federal Tax ID # 58-0655363
Located on PRUMC’s beautiful Buckhead campus, The Preschool is an independent, faith based school, for children 12 months through 6 years-old. We are committed to nurturing the whole child in preparation for the most distinguished public and private primary schools in Atlanta.