STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based education teaches children crucial skills including problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making and leadership.
From their earliest years, children engage with the world in ways that can promote learning related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They balance blocks to build a wall; bat at a mobile to make it spin; and push and pull magnets together and apart. Research shows that the earlier we guide and support children’s wonder about the world–and thereby identify opportunities for children to acquire foundational STEM skills–the more successful they are in all areas of learning later on.

Approximately 6,000 square feet in The Preschool’s basement was renovated in 2019  for year-round use, including the following:

  • Flexible space with developmentally appropriate play areas to promote a range of experiences and play-based exploration
  • Dedicated classroom for STEM activities

Why Play?

The importance of play is central to The Preschool’s philosophy, and all students are provided time for student-led play each school day. We have identified a need for an additional space for gross motor play that can be used year round.


Research shows that early exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a predictor of later school success. Unlike rote learning, the active learning of a STEM curriculum helps children develop critical thinking skills such as reasoning, predicting, and problem solving. The Preschool is on the leading edge of Buckhead preschools offering a STEM curriculum and is the first to have a STEM Lab and Play Space of this kind.
Located on PRUMC’s beautiful Buckhead campus, The Preschool is an independent, faith based school, for children 12 months through 6 years-old. We are committed to nurturing the whole child in preparation for the most distinguished public and private primary schools in Atlanta.