Parent Council & Involvement

Parent involvement is a vital part of our culture. The Parents Council has 25 committees of volunteers who provide valuable services for our students, from coordinating vision, hearing, and speech screening and carpool to creating enrichment experiences through cultural arts, an annual Book Fair, The Preschool Auction, Spring Fling, and so much more. Parents also have the opportunity to volunteer in various classroom activities like Parent Assisted Learning (PALS), Mystery Reader, and seasonal class parties.

Please click here for the 2019-2020 Parent Council List

2019-2020 Parent Volunteer Opportunities and SIGN UP

Parents Council Executive Committee

Crystal Wilson(Treasurer), Lindsey Porter(President), & Lane Kurban(Volunteer Coordinator)

Book Fair

Kristina Kennedy, Rachel Howell, Mollie Ann Holland, Ana-Lisa Marco


Erica Tothill


Savannah Boyd

Lauren Holmes

Children’s Art

Morgan Shrader, Anastasia Terry, Tori Frericks, & Jeannette Shreiber

Christmas Ornaments

Jessica Maguire, Stephanie Houghton, Heather Tucker

Cultural Arts

Allison Hubbard & Meagan Jones

Firefly Books

Brooke Johnson


Laura Leigh Caswell


Shauna Garrison, Sarah Allman, Erin Connolly, Margaret Battiston

New Parent Partners

Camila Knowles, Shelley Wade & Elizabeth Perry


Emily Trammell, Nancy Glover, & Chelsea Mautz

PAL Parents

Kalley Range & Katie White

Parent Enrichment

Lauren Schilpp, Susanne Teegarden

Parent Socials

Laura Beacham & Jessica Maguire

Partnership Programs

Crystal Wilson

Room Parent Coordinator

Nicole Wright

School Pictures

Meg Reeves, Maggie Cunningham & Katie King


Abby Ballinger

Emily David

Laurie Brown


Allyson Miller, Georgia Van, Katie Taylor, Jana Fleming & Anna Collins

Teacher Appreciation

Betsy Clay, Katie Terrell, Erin Lockett, Mandi Coogle,  Allison Ahern & Erin Tollison

T-shirts/Bumper Stickers

Lacie Resweber

Amanda Wilson


Megan Larson & Angeline Wamberg