Community Life

Outreach is an important way that The Preschool connects with the church and the greater community, and we actively engage the children in each of these efforts to begin teaching empathy and the importance of taking care of others and giving to those in need. Ongoing programs include weekly Chapel Wagon collections for Buckhead Christian Ministry’s food bank, a fall Shower Caddy Drive for Genesis Shelter of Atlanta, and our Angel Tree program at Christmas. Each spring our students bring in money they have earned through helping out at home to donate to the “Food for a Day” fundraiser supporting the abused children at Murphy-Harpst.

We believe strongly in not only providing a best-in-class education for our own children, but also in strengthening the level of education across our community at large. The Preschool co-founded the Buckhead Preschool Association more than 15 years ago. It provides a format for area church preschools to meet and share ideas and experiences. The Preschool provides leadership, teaching and mentoring services to other preschools around the country. We welcome teachers and administrators throughout the year for tours and demonstrations of our teaching methods, and each summer for continuing education workshops. We enjoy a strong collaborative relationship with Georgia State University and Young Harris College, who send their students to us to gain valuable experience and training in the field of early childhood education.

The Preschool proudly partners with Feed My Lambs, a Christian organization that empowers at-risk children spiritually, academically, physically and socially.  Feed My Lambs has four preschools and daycare centers in Atlanta and five outside the US where they educate children and their families about a better way of life.  By mentoring teachers, donating materials, sharing best practices and continuing education, we hope to share our blessings and experience to make a positive and lasting impact on the at-risk community in Atlanta.  We are proud that our qualified teachers and staff enthusiastically embrace this project.