After School Enrichment

Music & Technology Club

Music & Technology Club (Threes, Pre-K & 5/6)
Music & Technology Club is an after-school program designed to introduce students to technology through music-based learning. The club will prepare students for future exposure to technology and computer science curriculums and will give students a strong head start in general music and performance curriculums. The club will also help foster a more conscious and purposeful interaction with technology in students’ day-to-day lives. 

Throughout the school year, students will learn computational thinking and apply it in a variety of different environments. Students who have no prior experience with computers or music will quickly use technology to record, program, and otherwise produce their own songs to share and enjoy.  Students will develop a critical awareness of the relationship between technology, learning, and problem-solving.
Tuition Information for 2023-2024 Year Long Enrichment Classes
Annual for 1 day per week: $1,496.00
Annual for 2 days per week: $2,992.00

Music & Technology end of year project

The Music & Technology Club has worked this year on several units that have culminated in a special end-of-the-year project.

First, students made their own electronic music track, taking turns programming the drums and melody. We then read stories together and talked about what a sequence is. We listened to the sequence of our song and then decided to come up with a story of our own. Our class, for whatever reason, ended up with a heartwarming Christmas tale about a mouse named "Turkey" and a gecko named "Santa Fox.” 
Below is a narration of our story, performed by the kids over their original composition, with drawings they made to illustrate the scenes. 

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