After School Enrichment

Early Literacy Club

Early Literacy Club (Threes)
Early Literacy Club is specifically designed for Threes and is a skill-based class for preschoolers to further promote readiness. The program helps to mold and will stretch children’s thinking, promote creativity and develop early literacy understanding. Through a combination of Orton-Gillingham, Zoo Phonics, Handwriting without Tears, and researched-based teaching strategies, students will engage in activities to identify letters and sounds, experiment with early writing, foster an appreciation for storytelling, explore different genres and gain an understanding of beginning comprehension.  Children will be encouraged to play with letters; use sand, an easel, and other materials to strengthen fine motor development; listen and respond to music; create homemade books; use props to tell and listen to a story, and draw and write to tell a story.

Mondays and/or Wednesdays until 2:15

Children will eat lunch and will play on the playground in addition to the scheduled activities.
Tuition Information for 2023-2024 Year Long Enrichment Classes
Annual for 1 day per week: $1,496.00
Annual for 2 days per week: $2,992.00
"The MORE things that you READ, 
the more THINGS that you will KNOW. 
the more PLACES you'll GO!
-Dr. Seuss
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