CONGRATULATIONS! Your child is embarking on an exciting new adventure as he/she moves to a new class at The Preschool. Not only is your child growing physically, but he or she is reaching important milestones of independence which enables him or her to develop as a healthy child.

Your child wants and needs to feel independent. Once they know “they can do a task on their own”, they are proud and feel more confident as they move toward the Pre-K years. An important and vital milestone in this growth is to use the toilet independently.

The Preschool expects each child entering the “Threes” age level to be toilet trained by the first day of school. We also encourage each child in the “Twos” to master this skill by the third birthday.

A child is considered toilet trained when he/she can independently:
Recognize the need to use the bathroom and use the toilet for the purposes of urinating and
bowel movements.
Manage his/her own clothing…pull pants and underwear down and up.
Wipe his/her own bottom and flush toilet.
Wash his/her hands with soap and water (able to operate the faucet) and dry hands with a towel.
Change his/her own soiled clothing and clean up (wiping, changing into new clothing) in case of an accident.

Talk with your child’s teachers about the different ways you can guide your child in this process. Regular trips to the bathroom, various motivating factors and a positive attitude will make this process successful for everyone.

By toilet training your child, you are providing them with the skills to mature independently. Along with wearing Big Boy~Big Girl underwear (NO pull-ups), learning to dress on their own, drinking from a cup (no more sippy cups), and participating in carpool, your child’s development this year goes beyond learning numbers, colors and shapes because developing a sense of independence is just as important.

Parents of rising Twos often ask what they can work on with their children over the summer. In response to that question, and to help prepare your children for school in the fall, teachers encourage parents to work with their children on the following:

Manage clothing * no belts, overalls, snap crotch or john-johns

Sit and eat a snack

Drink from a cup with no lid

Wash hands

Verbalize first name

Listen and follow one step directions
Sit quietly and listen to a story