Look What Our Parents Have To Say About The Preschool
From Our 2017 Parent Survey

“I love the connection the teachers have with the kids. I feel as if they are an extension to our family.”

“I can’t say enough about the care and positive impact the teachers have made the last 4 years at The Preschool. This year has been exceptional as well. The teachers have been quick to respond and given my child a warm nurturing environment where she feels comfortable and eager to go to school each day. I could not ask for more!”

“We had our sons first parent-teacher conference last night, and he is doing GREAT! Academically, he’s soaring – how well you prepared these kids!!! And socially (which has always been my bigger concern), he’s embraced this new class and made friends. I’m told that he’s always helpful and eager to learn and he has the confidence to participate! The real joy of it all though is that he has left for and come home from school happy every single day so far. There aren’t words for the gratitude I feel to you for all that you did to help him reach this point. The 5/6 classes are so, so lucky to be learning from y’all.”